vermicomposting digester vermifilter nz
Constructed twin chamber primary vermifilter (vermicomposting digester). Treatment is aerobic.
This digester is fed by a flush toilet in the house.
vermicomposting digester vermifilter nz
Twin chambers offer hygenic and simple removal of vermicomposted humus after a resting period
(usually alternating every 5 years). Primary treated effluent is either disposed of in underground
soakage trenches or alternatively surface irrigated after undergoing secondary treatment.

vermicomposting digester vermifilter nz
An "out-house" vermicomposting digester for low flush toilets. This simple low cost design offers percolation
of liquids into soil and decomposition of solid waste in a simple chamber (such as an inverted concrete cattle
trough). Soil dug out from the soakage pit is replaced to make the mound after filling the pit with rubble.
Note the solid waste chamber has ventilation for an aerobic digestion environment. The refuge substrate
is above the surrounding ground level, so if the water table ever rose to the ground surface the worms
remain safe from drowning. The polythene layer ensures rain drains away from the soakage site underneath,
to ensure good soakage of effluent into surrounding soil. Plants are planted through the polythene layer for
transpiration of water and improved aeration of the medium.