j-root nzSide-slot plant containers
"J" root resulting from production nursery "slit and stuff" practices when pricking out (above left).
This distorted root system is a serious problem because it will lead to toppling later. I utilise nursery
techniques which eliminate this problem, ensuring supply of only highest quality containerised tree seedlings.
Side-slot containers (above right). These "air-prune" the roots so they don't wind around the container.
Air-pruned roots nzQuality root system nz
Air-pruned root system (above left). Containerised seedling showing how roots should be (above right).
Note the strong, straight tap root and horizontal lateral roots.
Cypress seedlings nursery nzEucalyptus seedlings nz
Cypress seedlings in the nursery (above left). Eucalyptus seedlings in the nursery (above right).
Please order well in advance to guarantee supply of stock for your planting season.
Price $110+GST per 100 plus transport. Delivery anywhere in New Zealand.
Species supplied:
Eucalyptus species: E. microcorys, E. muelleriana, E. globoidea, E. pilularis, E. sphaerocarpa
Cypress species: Cupressus lusitanica, C. macrocarpa, Cupressus torulosa
Japanese cedar Cryptomeria japonica.